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The Goulburn Group: putting ideas into action for a sustainable future

The Goulburn Group (TGG) is a not for profit community group of civic-minded volunteers who are committed to sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the Goulburn Region.

TGG is a think tank and action group, with a research-based approach to its activities. If you would like to know  more about the group, please go to the ‘About TGG’ page or click on this link.

TGG’s action agenda is project- and partnership-oriented to achieve real results. To find out more about our projects, go to the ‘Projects’ page in our site or click on this link.

You are welcome to take a tour around our site and contact us if you are interested in playing a part. We welcome new members who share our values and objectives, and would like to contribute to our work.

You can learn about Goulburn by clicking on this link.


Environmental Heritage Award


Ray Shiel, proud TGG member and President of FROGS Landcare, accepts the Environmental Heritage Award for the rehabilitation of Goulburn Wetlands. The project was initiated in 2010 as a result of a TGG scoping project undertaken with students from the ANU. TGG set up FROGS Landcare in 2012 and successfully secured and managed $200,000 in grant money to see Stages One and Two to completion. This effort in collaboration with FROGS volunteers has seen a huge surge in Council, community and business support for this wonderful  environmental project. It shows what can be done with the right vision and people with the necessary skill set and determination to see it through.

The committee and members of TGG congratulate the committed group of FROGS volunteers who work on site weekly and care for the growing community of birds, animals and plants that are resident there.


Hugh Mackay

Hugh Mackay joined with TGG members and friends at a special event on December 13th 2016. The topic for discussion was “The pressures on communities”. Hugh reminded us of the importance of connection, that human communities have the capacity for great goodness as well as for a fair shot of irrational behaviour. The afternoon was real, uplifting and a great way to conclude a hard year. On the way out, someone reworked the welcome sign. It says it all! Thanks Hugh and all those who attended!




TGG members in collaboration with FROGS Landcare volunteers have been working hard over recent months to finalise the NSW Environmental Trust Grant with extensive turfing around the heritage site and planting along the river. A number of TGG members are also FROGS volunteers doing the hard yards on the ground and in the “TGG back office”! Council organised a welcome break when Costa Giordiadis from Gardening Australia and children from Eastgrove Public School helped with the planting on November 4th 2016. A great day and an inspiring environmental project!